Let Me Sleep

Let me sleep is an interactive exhibition setting up a meditative and dreamlike space. This exhibition seeks to awaken sensorial experiences. This is an invitation to wander in a totally immersive environment, to play with textures and lights, to disappear in a translucent screen labyrinth.

Temps de lecture 1 minutes

The name «Let me sleep» focuses on the contradiction between being awake while evolving in a dreamlike space. The concept and the creation of this show occurred during an internship in the program of the interactive installations of the Laboratory of Spoken (WA.).

This installation is at the same time an invitation for the audience to freely wander in a totally immersive environment, to play with textures and lights, to loose themselves in a translucent screen labyrinth. The delimited space displays several interactive experiences and can host specific performances.

Let me sleep wants to give to the audience the opportunity to widen its consciousness through space. It aims to mutate the participants’ spatial consciousness by focusing on the feeling of a whole different, metaphorical and incarnated world.
This immersive exhibition needs a real corporal experience. The «physical» materials are also an angular element of the installation. Those materials, on the face of it common and simple, became more and more complex since they are mixed to technology. Bodies and materials became interconnected. Those new relations create their own beauty.

Let me sleep has been designed based on former exhibitions and research on immersion. Indeed, we’re creating immersive interactive installations exploring the concept of mixing perception and reality. We are convinced that technology may help to awake our senses, to offer us possibilities and opportunities to perceive new things from a whole new and creative way, to feel new sensations that we may not be able to experiment in our day-to-day life.

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