In Limbo

In Limbo est une vidéo expérimentale. Elle a été réalisée dans le cadre du projet Wave Of silence.
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Temps de lecture 1 minutes

In Limbo is an experimental video created as part of the “Wave of silence” project.

We often feel deprived of what we can say or think, because of things older, louder, cooler, trendier… But being deprived of words or a real attendance does not mean you have been deprived of the thoughts that would have induced the words or your body. Those things remain.
This is the wave of silence of a digitized body evolving in an interactive environment. A body without bones and flesh, getting decomposed in an orgie of pixels. Trying all kinds of crazy moves in front of the screen and a depth sensor.
This is the wave of silence on the edges of consciousness like tinnitus of the mind, painful and harrassing as real tinnitus. The low buzz is the sounds of the blood in the veins while the high one is the sound of the nervous system. Here is the silence then: two sine waves at the edges of human auditory system (20Hz and 20kHz), symbolizing people deprived from everything but their thoughts on the two sides of a road where the carnival of golden mediocrity passes, waiting for the time to take action to come.
This track is silent, but you can still feel things if you turn up the volume, watch carefully and let yourself go.

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