Glitch-O-matiC, a digital art installation that takes your portrait and glitches it while you wait. It combines the fun of the photo booth with the fun of discovering how the glitches changed the pictures.

Temps de lecture 1 minutes

Glitch-O-matiC is a digital installation making identity photo booth pass in the digital era by mixing the conviviality of a photo booth with the fun of the glitch. Glitch is the aestheticization of digital error distorting images in a patchworks of pixels and colors!

This installation works just like an ordinary photo booth: it’s the users who trigger the shooting. But connected to a computer, the photo is glitched for a unique colorful and obviously surprising result!

To glitch the computer randomly insert error in the picture making of it an unexpected and unfathomable piece of art by itself. Switching, copying, inserting or erasing the data, these technics are used four times to create four pictures.

This fun and innovative device creates a curious, playful moment with your family, friends or even co-workers.

Printed on the spot, pictures are directly given to the users. They may also be downloaded.
First used during different events, the device evolved through times. Glitch-O-matiC is not only just a funny way to have digital portrait, now it is also a way to have a very unique souvenir of your event and even become fully a part of a scenography.



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