Datasmog illustrates the immersivity of nowadays digital practices and its impact on mankind

Temps de lecture 1 minutes

Lately, human beings seemed to reach the maximum amount of information they can process, their attention constantly drained by advertisement, social networks or e-mail notifications. Because of this information overload, mankind seems on the verge of a massive cognitive dissonance : too much information leads to overchoice, too much sollicitations leads to continuous partial attention which both leads to poor choices or analysis paralysis.
But on the other hand, it seems that people are already evolving to integrate these constant datastreams into their lives: nomophobia, Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) are signs that our brains are reconfiguring to filter this data glut with a poor signal to noise ratio into something valuable.



Datasmog aims to illustrate this current change by depicting the immersivity of nowadays digital practices by, on the one hand, drowning a living being into digital streams of images and sounds, and, on the other hand showing the permanence of the immersed self and the way it reacts and integrates that streams. To do so, Datasmog is blending together several techniques like contorsionism, contact juggling, live visuals and live music into a new kind of performance. Datasmog, using music and VJing to represent datastreams and contorsionism to represent the inner self, shows how a human being necessarily evolves to take into account its surroundings now including digital and data streams. Contorsionism represents the plasticity required to apprehend the information as well as the tensions born by the gigantism of the data streams.

At the very heart of L:ED’s approach lies the will of making bridges between artistic practices through digitization to illustrate mankind on the edge of both physical and digital realms. After having successfully explored the dynamics between dance (Side by side) or performing arts (Digital Primitive) with digital arts, L:ED proposes a new show by now including contortion to its audiovisual performances.

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